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For example, an essay about the effectiveness of juvenile imprisonment would likely require you to take a position on the issue. The outcome of your final research project will partially determine the depth and breadth of your research. It is important dyor meaning to know ahead of time whether the purpose of the project is to convey information, make a persuasive argument, or present differing viewpoints about an issue. It is almost essential to sample public opinion about a project before spending money.

Is it safe to assume that all anonymous teams are a scam? There’s no one to hold accountable if it’s a pump and dump scheme. On-chain metrics refer to the activity of a blockchain network. We often use on-chain metrics to monitor the behaviour of users and their transactions, miners, and nodes. As with any piece of data, on-chain metrics are useful because their historical data makes it possible to identify trends and invest or trade accordingly. It is also used by crypto traders as a form of disclaimer so no one can hold them accountable if cryptocurrencies they call out do not perform as predicted.

While peer-reviewed journals are the most reliable source of scientific information, not all are created equal. One way to check the quality of a journal is to search for its Journal Impact Factor , which calculates its influence in the scientific community based on the number of times its articles are cited. To find position statements, search for your keywords along with a relevant scientific body.

Dare I say – achieving success despite failure is not just about how many times you can get back up. It saves money, saves resources, can help to improve your soil and can reduce your impact on the environment. If customized research aids are not available, you should still consult the library’s databases. Often, the sources in the databases are legitimate academic sources that are appropriate for an academic assignment. Consider yourself lucky if you are assigned a topic; you can skip this step!

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The events covered by CoinMarketCal include coin/token listings, “burning” and other supply-related events, forking, governance voting, Telegram channel AMA sessions, and many more. The vast and virtually unregulated crypto world poses significant risks to uninformed investors but also gives great opportunities to those who arm themselves with the right research. There are several tools you can leverage for competitor insights. SimplyMeasured, BuzzSumo and SpyFu are industry favorites. They give you a view of what your competitors are doing for their site and search marketing—including keywords and rankings. The intelligence you gather here will help you define pricing strategies, product differentiation, marketing tactics that are effective and more.

How to Do Your Own Research

Whether it’s a phisherman or fake news, always resist the pressure to act immediately. “While Bitcoin has failed in its stated objectives, it has become a speculative investment. It has no intrinsic value and is not backed by anything.” These words were published under the headline The Brutal Truth About Bitcoin. It certainly sounds like fact because of the way that it’s been written, but the reality is this is entirely the opinion of one person. How long has the account or publication been around for? Some fake profiles have scores of followers, but are just days old.

DYOR: How to ‘Do Your Own Research’ Before Investing in Crypto Projects

For these projects, in addition to studying the token’s market cap, circulating supply, and other key indicators, it is useful to look at the project’s TVL statistics. In the first step, I usually convince myself that I can be wrong and try to get rid of emotions if the topic is emotionalizing. Then I read some articles that disagree with my opinion to weaken the confirmation bias. I’ve heard that many people don’t change their minds after doing research, and I don’t want to fall for this trap. Before making financial commitments to a project, it is important to determine whether a single individual or an established firm backs the project with capital and other resources.

  • Most crypto projects will have their own White Paper, Discord Channel and of course, a detailed account of their underlying smart contract on a blockchain explorer such as Etherscan.
  • Connecting your research data with the right buyer persona will affect how you market to specific groups and what offers, products and services you make available to them.
  • A combined approach will give you the best intel as quickly as possible for your planning and action.
  • GettyThe tech sector laid off more than 150,000 employees in 2022, populating the job market with a wave of talent from some of the country’s most notable companies.
  • While this site tends to emphasize scientific experts, lots of people rely on others like journalists, government officials, celebrities, and social media influencers for expertise.

The best scientists in the world — even the ones who hold contrarian beliefs of their own — all agree that we should base our policies on the scientific consensus that we’ve achieved. When that consensus changes, evolves, or moves forward because we’ve learned more than we previously knew, we should correct course to follow that novel path instead. TradingView is a social media platform for investors and aspiring investors to share their knowledge, opinions, and analysis on topics related to traditional finance as well as crypto investing. One of the key features of the platform is the great charts that community members contribute to the website. Many crypto and blockchain projects are decentralized finance applications.

How to Do Your Own Research (DYOR) in Crypto Projects

The key information you can focus on for your initial research is coin and token rankings in terms of market capitalization or 24-hour trading volume. In the later stages of DYOR, you may look at information regarding specific tokens of interest to you. For each token or coin, CoinMarketCap provides convenient information on one screen about the market cap, fully diluted market cap, trading volume, circulating supply, and the maximum supply allowed for the coin/token. These are the key bits of intelligence to evaluate a coin or token.

How to Do Your Own Research

What this means, besides being a familiar and famous quote from The Mummy starring Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz, is that I have extensive formal education in Doing Research. But Google is stratified based on Search Engine Optimization and advertising money, and sometimes answers that are more complex get lost beneath the ads and keywords. Also known as a “works cited” page, a reference page is essentially a list of the sources you used for research.

A competitive job market is not a great time for self-deprecating humor. Ongoing inflation and talk of a 2023 recession will likely make the job market even more competitive this year. Whether you’re applying for the same position as someone who lost their job or looking for something that provides more financial support, being a top candidate means bringing your A-game to the hiring process. The act of assessing securities by examining their price and volume behavior and determining price trends and price actions.

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If an overview article has a bibliography section, you can find other sources there. Overview articles also give you an idea of what keywords you should use to search for other sources. I am surprised but not shocked by the number of people here arguing with you against scientific consensus. I suppose, given American ideology and the promotion of “rugged individualism” over community and social bonds, that this makes sense. It also tells me that America still seems to be in its infantile stage of self-awareness and scientific understanding. But scientists as you mention work together to find flaws in each other’s reasoning.

These are direct interactions with consumers through methods like interviews, focus groups or surveys. These are very helpful because you’re getting raw information directly from the source. This type of source is very credible but can provide a narrow sampling. Small sample groups or limited survey responses may result in insufficient or incomplete data.

If you are having trouble choosing a topic, limiting your topic, or developing a research question, try talking to your instructor or a school or public librarian. If you were given 2 months to work on a research project and you wait until the week before it is due to approach her, she may not be as enthusiastic about helping you select a topic. So it is convincing to say that getting bitcoin now is more profitable as the more scarce Bitcoin becomes, the higher your Bitcoin holdings becomes. This is how I use market data to determine which crypto assets I can invest in.

The best examples of synthesis reports come from climate change research. For example, Cook et al synthesized the consensus estimates from six independent studies and found a robust scientific consensus that humans are causing the climate to change. This article was co-authored by Matthew Snipp, PhD and by wikiHow staff writer, Jennifer Mueller, JD. C. Matthew Snipp is the Burnet C. And Mildred Finley Wohlford Professor of Humanities and Sciences in the Department of Sociology at Stanford University.

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But as the scam gradually unraveled, on January 16, 2018, Bitconnect announced its closure and BBC price dived 92% in 24 hours. And yet, there are major cities in the world, like Portland, OR or Calgary, Alberta, where the public or city council, respectively, has voted to not add fluoride to their drinking water. The idea that “our water is natural” and “adding fluoride isn’t” has proven more powerful in swaying public opinion in these locations than the science supporting fluoride’s safety and effectiveness. To the voting public, a fear of chemicals and an affinity for what feels natural was more compelling than the dental health of poor children, despite near-universal support from dental health professionals. In most places in the United States and Canada, our drinking water is fluoridated at a specific level that’s safe and effective for humans of all ages.

I’ve yet to hear a justifiable symmetry breaker between these two things that don’t involve some type of special pleading, leaving us with only two options. However, if you’re really convinced nearly all of the world’s experts are wrong, become an expert and do your own research. Combine the results from studies to assess the weight of the evidence. Systematic reviews synthesize the literature and condense what’s known on a given question while meta-analyses are systematic reviews that use statistical methods to summarize the results. Instead, form your own opinion on how the interview went. Be honest with yourself — what could you have done better?

Tweak your approach and head back to the job board

The founder of the team does not need a big portfolio like Cronje to succeed. However, the amount of experience they have in the crypto sector is a big plus. For example, Bitcoin has a maximum supply of 21 million coins but currently a circulating supply of 18.96 million coins. This means that it is closer to hitting its maximum supply. Once this happens, no more Bitcoin can be mined or created. Based on basic economics, low supply leads to high demand and high demand with low supply leads to an increase in price.


Were there any moments that made you feel particularly anxious? Also reflect on the hiring manager’s demeanor and body language. Were there any points during the interview when they responded in an unfavorable way? You don’t need me to insert an inspirational quote about failure to know that rejection is a part of life. Coming to terms with rejection and getting back on the horse, though, is only the first step.

Read the project White Paper

Finally, you can use the maximum and circulating supply to know if the project will become higher in value within the next few months or years. It also protects you against shilling and Sybil attacks. Sybil attacks happen on social media platforms where someone creates multiple fake accounts on multiple social media platforms attempting to trick investors into purchasing a cryptocurrency. All fake accounts will be used to promote that particular cryptocurrency.

I usually use duckduckgo search engine and neutral search phrases as Google tends to promote information that I already agree with. One reason for the confusion around the importance of consensus in science is that the word has different meanings. For many of us, it’s a popular opinion or general agreement.