XH Type Traveling Bridge Suction Scraper


Adaptable   for   rectangular   clarifier   with   4-20m   width

2.Independent   of   the   drive   by   the   central   ends   of   the   wheel   drive   to   assure   the   synchronization   of   walking

3.Patent   rail   clamping   and   off   tracking   resistant   device   against   hitting   the   rail

4.The   sludge   can   be   siphon   system   or   sludge   pumps

5.Automatic   and   remcte   controllable

6.Optimal   power   supply   unit:Safety   trolley   line,flexible   cable   and   bracket

7.Material   of   construction:carbon   steel   epoxy   painted,   stainless   steel   SS304   or   SS316L

8.Optional   accessories:steel   rail   and   plate,etc