XBCS Efficient Inclined Tube Sedimentation

New-style   structure   design,sedimentation   area   increase

exponentially   ,   greatly   enhance   sedimentation   ability

The   inclined   tube   can   sdimentate   up   again   to   sedimentate,   lees

increase,easy   to   sedimentate

The   inclined   tube   sedimentation   created   laminar   flow   conditions,

precipitation   effect   is   good

Sinking   sludge   concentration   increase

Discharge   sewage   stable,and   not   have   sludge   covered

Significantly   save   floor   space

Municipal sewage: pre-treatment, back-wash treatment, primary treatment, secondary treatment and tertiary treatment, and sludge concentration; industrial application: industrial process water, industry chemistry – purification and concentration, paper pulp and paper-making plants, phosphorus removal in the steel industry, etc.


■ Small occupied area: lengthen the cant-board to 1.5m, improve the separation efficiency of the sedimentator, and save the occupied area as much as 1.5-2 times;
■ Even water distribution: directly collect resistance water distribution and supernatant to ensure the balance of the water quality on each group of cant-boards
■ Good hydraulic conditions: have no hydraulic dead angle or vortex
■ Unblocking cant-board: the cant-board is at 60°, the board spacing is 8~10cm, and back-wash is set at the cant-board area
■ Be solid and durable: the separation sheet is made of 6mm hard PVC, embedded in the modular form, and has high strength and easy to wash and maintain