Sand Filter


Steel   multihole   plate,ABS   water   cap   style

Single   filter   material   can   be   easily   loaded

and   discharged

Filter   speed:   7-12m/h

Materials   of   construction:   carbon   steel

Epoxy   painted,carbon   steel   lining   rubber,

Stainless   steel   SS304

■ It is applied to conduct purification processing of the micro-polluted water, surface water and water with low quality requirements (such as, cooling water);
■ Be applied in-depth processing of industrial water and sewage and the reclaimed water reuse and other processing fields, and can be set in the conventional activated sludge processing methods, such as at the back end of AO, A20, SBR, CASS, oxidation ditch and other systems.

■ It has loose requirements of inlet water, and can bear the inlet water with the SS concentration of ≤150mg/1;
■ It covers small area, integrates flocculation, sedimentation and filtration treatment, and simplifies the traditional technological processing flow;
■ It is efficient, can conduct continuous filtration, doesn’t need to stop the equipment for back wash, and has no issue of primary filtrate;
■ It conduct in-depth filtration, with the height of the filtering bed of 2000mm, ensures the good filter effect and stable effluent water quality;
■ The water head of the filtering bed is small, about 1m;
■ It is easily expanded and restructured, and the modular structure makes it possible to flexibly increase or decrease the filter quantity in accordance with the water amount fluctuation;
■ The coagulating basin, clarification tank and other facilities are not required, nor are the back-wash pump, blower, electric valve, pneumatic valve, etc.

Composition Form
1. When it is installed independently, it is composed of external filtration container and internal filtration assembly. The internal filtration assembly contains the water intake system, water distribution system, sand lifting system, sand washing system, sand washing water reclaiming system and filtering bed, which are made of stainless steel or fiberglass reinforced materials. The tank can be applied for small-scale filtering, such as the industrial reclaimed water reuse, etc. the bank covers a small area, is simple to install, doesn’t need large-scale civil engineering, and can greatly save the construction period.
2. When it is in the concrete structure, the equipment is mostly used for large-scale filtering, and the internal assembly is made of stainless steel or fiberglass reinforced materials. In the installation form, all the filtering units use only one sand bed, and the filter systems are operated in groups, and can operated in parallel or independently, which fully adapts to the filtration demands.

Model Inlet






Working tempreture


West test pressure


Max output capacity


Height of filter material(mm)
Φ1000 100 10 0.6 0~50 0.75 7.8 1000
Φ1500 100 10 0.6 0~50 0.75 17.5 1000
Φ2000 100 10 0.6 0~50 0.75 31.4 1000
Φ2500 100 10 0.6 0~50 0.75 40.1 1000
Φ3000 100 10 0.6 0~50 0.75 70.5 1000
Φ3200 100 10 0.6 0~50 0.75 80.4 1000
Φ3600 100 10 0.6 0~50 0.75 101.7 1000