The CQF Type High-effective Dissoived Air Flotation ordered by Zhe Jiang customer had been shipped successfully

1.Effective   depth   is   shallow,600-700mm

2.HRT   is   short(5-10min)

3.Purification   volume   is   large   ,surface   load   is   high

4.Cover   small   area,the   unit   load   is   light   ,all   assemble   prefabricated   components   are,do   not   need   to   install   overhead   and   equipment   ,also   can   multi-layer   combinations

5.Installation   maintenance   cost   is   low   ,easy   cleaning

6.Purificationg   degree   is   high,algae   SS   remove   rate   above   90%,sludge   concentration   achieve   35%after   concentration

7.This   device   use   CFA   type   dissovlved   air   system   ,structre   is   clever,dissolved   air   efficency   achieve   90%,volume   is   one   fifth   of   general   dissolved   air   system   ,have   super   anti-clogging   ability   which   other   dissolved   device   don”t   have.